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The 25-year shelf life mass care feeding program that emergency managers rely on for their pre-positioned stock of food and water to complete their continuity of operations planning


What are "Freeze-Dried Meal Plans?"

We are a network of consultants trained to provide customized meal planning and long term food and water storage for large entities and their staff to maintain a continuity of operations in preparation for an emergency or disaster scenario. We offer a healthier, more cost effective, long term solution compared to traditional “emergency” food and water options.

These meals are worthy of daily eating and meet high quality people expect. There is no reason to settle for high sodium based meals. Providing foods that are representative of the foods they eat daily is nutritionally smart and better for digestion in high stress situations.

How does it work?

The FD Meal Plan is easy. It is a structured program according to the numbers you give us. Here is what we need from you:

How many people do you want to feed?
How many times a day do you wish to feed them?
For how many days?

We can go over all of these options and decide what works best for you when you contact us to schedule your webinar.

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How are we different?

Traditionally, "emergency" food has been MRE's and other foods with a tremendous amount of sodium and other preservatives, having a shelf life around 3-5 years - somewhere between $7-9 each. The taste of these foods generally has left much to be desired.

Through the FD Meal Plan program, your food storage can now have a 25 year average shelf-life, be preservative free and NON-GMO, have vegetarian and other options for dietary restrictions, and be very easy to prepare - and extremely tasty!

Our meals meet or exceed FEMA mass care feeding guidelines. Each meal meets the requirements which includes, a protein source, vegetables or fruits. The total volume per person per meal consisting of approximately 20 ounces of food. The beverage is not included in the 20 ounce volume. Beverages are available upon request for an additional charge.

Our meals have a smaller footprint than MREs and other previous options. For an example: 1,000 MREs take up the same space as 2,000 FD Meal Plan meals

Don't get caught off guard!