About Freeze-Dried Meal Plans

The FD Meal Plans team started in 2014 with a group of individuals who were looking for a better way to do preparedness for their own households. They found products that they believed in and began consulting for a variety of different companies to set up household preparedness plans. Through talking with our customers and family members in the military and other government agencies, we were told that large companies and organizations could really use our plans for continuity of services for first responders. For this need, most agencies are left with 2 substandard options: Go to the grocery store and buy canned food to replace every 1-2 years or purchase MREs which have a 5 year shelf life, both of which have high levels of sodium and are foods you would never eat outside of an emergency. Through rigorous research and development, we have come to create a program in which allows agencies not only to save money on their continuity of operations planning, but have longer shelve life products that are easy to prepare and taste just like a regular home cooked meal.

In the past few years, our clients have responded and have shown that our program has exceeded their expectations. We are currently serving a variety of different clients across 6 states such as Departments or Emergency Management, City and County Agencies, Universities, Hospitals, and Utility Companies. We are working nationwide and are on the rise and would love to help you.